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Adjunct Professor Cypress College

Adjunct Professor Fullerton College 

Founder Theater Mitu (1998- Present)

Assistant South Pasadena Theatre workshop

Outreach Director Upstage Theater Schools

Producer/ Co-Founder Renegade Artist Collective



B.A- University of California Los Angeles 

School of Theater: Acting Track

M.F.A- University of San Diego/ The Old Globe

Shakespeare apprenticeship

Emphasis in Acting and Classical Text

Voice:Mitchell Hanlon 1994-2004



Founding Member: Theater Mitu 

Alpert Award 2005-2010 Company in residence at New York Theater Workshop

Theater Mitu is movement-based devising theater company that employs rigorous physicality in the creation of original work. A permanent group of collaborators committed to expanding the definition of theater through methodical experimentation with its form.  Driven by a theory called WHOLE THEATER, the company investigates global performance as a source for our training, work, and methodologies.



2017-Present: Cypress College.

Acting120: Acting methods of the modern actor will be studied. Students will use craft preparations which Will enable them to bring emotional and behavioral truth to the roles they create . Exercises in relaxation, sensory awareness, emotional freedom and the creation of truthful behavior 


Rehearsal and Performance I, II, III and IV

This course teaches the practical application of acting and production techniques, i .e ., acting, stage managing, backstage operations . Students participate in the rehearsal and performance of a public production 

2012- Present, Fullerton College: 

Introduction to Theatre:  An introductory course designed for students who wish to explore the art of theatrical performance with special attention given to all the contributing elements. The student gains new perspective by partaking in each element of theatrical production. Students interface with acting, directing, playwriting, and design to form a complete understanding of the art.


Theatre Appreciation: An introductory course that offers students the opportunity to attend 10-12 theatrical performances in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Theatre venues range from small storefronts to major performing arts centers. The students are asked to analyze the productions, henceforth cultivating a critical and comprehensive respect for the craft.


Acting A: Beginning Acting: A beginning course that guides students through rehearsal and performance techniques integral to the craft of acting. The class is a comprehensive experience, addressing movement, vocal technique and script analysis.


Acting D: Advanced Acting for Theater and Film: An advanced acting course designed to prepare students for the professional world.A concentration on auditioning, crafting a resume, and the creation new media designed to give the student a platform from which to enter the professional arena.Curated Acting curriculum curated from methodologies that have an emphasisonemotional and behavioral truths.

(Eric Morris, Uta Hagen) Facilitated labratories toemploy skills in camera blocking,active listening, and improvisational narratives. 


Theater Workshop: This course is a continuation of acting fundamentals with increased emphasis on the application of the principles and theories of creating acting. Additional performance and technical support work in production.



2014 - California State University, Fullerton:

Introduction to Theatre: For the general student leading to an appreciation and understanding of the theatre as an entertainment medium and as an art form. Recommended for non-majors.


2009- NYU Experimental Theater Wing

Rehearsal Laboratory Class:A THEATER MITU based advanced acting lab, built to focus on the Actor’s process. The class/ laboratory helps actors create an efficient, potent and personal process. By investigating the methodologies of successful artists from various global disciplines, actors synthesize findings into practical tools for the western artist.


2008- Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Theater Mitu Workshop:A rigorous three day Theater Mitu based workshop based on Theater Mitu’s methodology of “Whole Theater” into their own physical training program.




Bob,A Life In Five Acts (Peter Sinn Natchtrieb) Cypress College

Big Love(Chuck Mee) Fullerton College

Ugly Files Stages Theater, Fullerton

8.0 Fullerton College

Outback(L.H Grant) Fullerton College

Annie St. Phillips, Montgomery Alabama

Romeo and Juliet St. Phillips, Montgomery Alabama

The Tempest St. Phillips, Montgomery Alabama

Advanced Maternal Age (Co-Writer and producer) RenegadeCollective, NYC

Dreamer Examines His Pillow (John Patrick Shanley) Renegade Collective, NYC

Big Dog Musical Review Basement Theater NYC



Vital Voices Global Partner Ship at New York University’s Villa La Piestra In Florence Italy

”Breakthrough”:Overcoming obstacles to equality, development and peace. A global working session to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the UN Fourth World Conference on women.

Responsibilities:Conducted interviews and gathered stories from Vital Voices network leaders. Invited observer at conference panel discussions, debates and speeches of international humantitarin leaders. Worked with co-consultants to devise future performance events to be produced by Vital Voices.



Founder and Curator Renegade Art Collective NYC 2005-2010

Founder and Curator Renegade Art Collective LA 2014-2016

Ugly Files Labratory (2012)

(A year long investigation into beauty culture and it’s affect on the american woman. Facilitated monthly writing sessions resultiong in a script used for later production at Stages Theater Fullerton ) 

Story Telling Workshop :Girl Scouts of South Pasadena



Mitu Devising Workshop FJC Advanced Acting Class 2017/2018 

FJC High School Theater Festival (”First Word” Monologue Workshop) 2015/2016

Taboo Tales ”Smotherhood”2014



Theater communications Group

Assocciation for Theatre in Higher Education

Actor’s Equity Association 

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